AP Calculus Important Information For Students, Teachers and Parents


Welcome to the teaching and learning in AP Calculus (AB), 2014 - 2015. I am Peter L. O. Smith, your facilitator. As you know, open and constant communication is critical to success in the learning environment. I therefore urge you to ensure that you play your part to develop and maintain a high level of interactive relationship with your teacher and your peers.

Thank you for your commitment as we work together to make Calculus a meaningful learning environment.

 AP Students

Congratulations! As an AP student, you are taking part in a college-level academic experience that will challenge and inspire you, and prepare you for college and beyond. Your hard work is helping you prepare for the AP Exam, which gives you opportunity to earn credit and advanced placement in college.
Parents and Guardians

 With AP, students are able to experience the rigors of college-level studies while they still have the support of a high school environment. Resourceful and dedicated AP teachers help their students develop and apply the skills, ability and content knowledge they will need later in college. Also, being enrolled in an AP class at high school, your child is getting a college course at the cost of a high school fee. And, importantly, your child will have the opportunity to earn college credit and stand out in the college admission process.

General Information

 Your tools for this Course is very important. You will need your:

1. TI84 Graphing calculator,

2. Baron's AP Calculus text, 11th edition.


You are expected to be proficient in all areas covered in AP Calculus (AB). This course is very demanding than your regular high school math courses.

Success in this course depends on an essential combination of ability, hard work, and commitment. There is a lot of material to cover and not a lot of time to cover it. Therefore, you should follow the course schedule and not allow yourself to log behind.

Assignments should be completed on time. There is a penalty for all late assignment.

You are required to watch the prescribed YouTube videos.
Learning Differently
From the moment you enter an AP classroom, you will notice the difference in the teacher's approach teaching, in the attitude of your classmates, and in the way you start to think. That's because AP is more than just a class, it is a community of students and educators who are passionate, curious and committed to academic excellence. In AP the focus is not on on memorizing facts and figures. Instead you will be engaged in intense discussions, solving problems collaboratively, and learn to analyze and think critically.
Imagine and Succeed
It is no secret, AP courses are hard work. But, it's work pays off. AP courses help you improve your writing skills, sharpen your problem-solving abilities and develop better study habits - all of which are vital to your success later in college.
There will be various course assessment, as follows:

1. graded online discussions
2. regular unit assignments
3. graded classwork
4. online quizzes
5. mid-term tests
6. final exams.

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