PlosMathLearing is created by Peter L. O. Smith to improve the way scholars learn. Peter Smith is a high school veteran mathematics teacher with over 25 years’ experience, with an in-depth knowledge of mathematics and its theories. 

Meet the Publisher

Hi, my name is Peter Smith. I created PlosMathLearning in 2012 for students in my classes, who need a fun way to practice and learn mathematics. Since then, PlosMathLearning has grown to a widely and frequently used website by my students and many other scholars, including those I do not teach. I use this website to help my students in the following ways:

 1.      To assign online quizzes.

2.      To upload assignments, course materials, review papers, practice papers, past examination papers, etc.

3.      To upload the best YouTube videos relevant to their content area of learning in mathematics.

I am passionate toward educating children in mathematics and I like to tailor my teaching to the needs of my students.

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