Quiz 6

Directions: You will be given 20 minutes to complete this quiz. Insert your answer in the box beside the word "Answer". After you have finished putting in your answers, click on the "See score" button, to see your score.
The program will reveal which questions you got wrong. You can go back and change your answers until you have answered all questions correctly.

Find the percentage for each problem:

1. What percentage is 18 out of 20?
Answer %  

2. What percentage is 17 out of 25?
Answer %  

3. What percentage is 12 out of 30?
Answer %  

4. In a mathematics test Adrian scored 17 out of 50. What was his percentage mark?
Answer %  

5. In a science test Anny scored 11 out of 25. What was her percentage mark?
Answer %  

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